Maša Cvetko, architect

“ProstoRož – my first serious relationship! It teaches me how to collaborate thoughtfully, to make decisions, to build relationships and how to organize. It educates me in design and improvisation. Our relationship is full of ups and downs, of victories and defeats. My favorite drug: the moment when an idea becomes reality.”

Ana Grk, architect

“An architect by education and prostoRož co-founder, big lover of trees and greenery. I’m always enthusiastic about prostoRož’s large and small ideas and a dedicated team that strongly believes in friendly cities. When I’m not at prostoRož, I grow plants or design houses for Kombinat architectural bureau.”

Alenka Korenjak, architect

“I’m an architect and cofounder of prostoRož. What inspires me more than buildings is the space between them. Even more than shapes, I’m interested in lives. I like challenges and don’t accept excuses that say something can’t be done. What makes me happy is spending a part of my workday outdoors, shaping public spaces together with its users.”

Zala Velkavrh, marketing and communications

“As a communicologist and sociologist, I help prostoRož put designs and shapes into words. What makes me happy is when our projects come to life and move from our heads and computer screens into the city and start their own journey, which is not always what we had expected it to be at the start.”

Nina Savič, architect

“I started combining the old with the new in my architectural thesis on renovation of 17th century Han, an inn in Istanbul, where I connected artisan trade with design. I’m interested in reusing, reconnecting and recycling; hence I always look for new purposes of places and things.”

Jošt Derlink, librarian

“Cultural anthropologist by education. My mission is to manage Library of THINGS and its event coordination. I’m inspired by mutual trust that develops through sharing of objects and through a communal space. When I’m not in at the Library, I’m sorting a fresh delivery of goods at Izmenjevalnica (a humanitarian project on exchange of goods) or selling movie tickets at a local cinema.”