We have supported 10 small local actions in Ljubljana

The local residents often notice small things in their surrounding area that they would like to change so that their neighbourhood would be even more pleasant and tailored to their needs. They have ideas and the time, but they don’t have enough money to make it happen. Project Zunaj (ang. Outside) helped the local residents of Ljubljana to realize their outdoor activities and actions in their neighbourhood. As many as 60 initiators responded to our call and each purposed a different way how to revitalize public space in the city. We have chosen 10 winning actions that we have helped with advice, organization and funds up to 500€ for purchased materials. 

Already in the first year, Zunaj proved to be a successful tool for encouraging community-based space maintenance and civic participation. As many as 400 residents of Ljubljana cooperated together at maintaining and connecting local communities. A number of actions have shown, through concrete measures, how to revitalize the common public space with small interventions, while the municipality got an insight which spaces and activities it needs to strengthen in the future. Positive experiences show that the project has a potential to develop into a regular mechanism that can enable long-term, predictable and steady support to small local actions, proposed by the local community. 

“If we wish to live in a pleasant environment and make changes, we need to connect with each other. Our biggest reward was the question of many who wanted to know: ‘When will (the cinema) happen again?””
(Barbara Svetek and Maja Žiberna, initiators of action in Zgornja Šiška)

Project Outside supported:

Krakovo nook (Krakovo): neighbours have planted the nut tree and set up an outdoor common table
The revitalization of an underpass in Tobačna street (Tobačna): team Tobiro has revitalized a neglected underpass
Forest pump track (Zadobrova): enthusiastic cyclists set up a new bike park
Terrace in the forest (Šiška): local residents have cleaned the foothill of Rožnik and made a forest terrace for play in nature
Meeting point Ezl Ek (Novo Polje): neighbours have cleaned the local grove and made it a place for socializing
Ana Ziherlova invites you to the outdoor cinema (Šiška): two local residents organized a free movie night
Playcart (Vrtača): a young family put together a movable cart filled outdoor toys
Friends again (Prule): the “disputed” neighbours have improved their relationships through a working action and picnic
A beach for Šiška residents (Šiška): students from high school Šiška turned their lawn into a “beach”
Red bench (Masarykova street): two future architects turned a concrete flowerpots into a bench

February - October 2019

Support: Department for Environmental Protection, City of Ljubljana

Collaboration: IPoP - Institute for Spatial Policies