Young Blood

Are Ljubljana’s museums and galleries desolate?

We participated in the exhibition organized by the CCEA from Prague which presented young architects from Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. Each group was given a cube of 1x1x1m, within which they were to present their thoughts on how young architects from the above mentioned countries function, what are their areas of work and what they are interested in.

The nature of our work – we are interested in the topic of public space – dictated that we should make a contribution of a slightly different form. While elsewhere in the world, museums with their numerous activities function as public spaces, museums in Slovenia are more or less secluded institutions and are not perceived as a part of the city. For some time now, we have been noticing not only how rarely Ljubljana residents visit the museums but also how little the museums do to increase the number of visitors.

In our installation, we created a row of imaginary visitors, waiting to enter the museum. We placed 100 shoes along the square in front of the museum. In pairs, one after the other, they were winding towards the ticket office. We used old shoes and painted them pink. Each of the pairs had their own character: the row was comprised of old and young people, of men and women… The line ended at the box office, from there on the illusion of crowdedness was created by a background recording of voices. The sight of the waiting pairs of shoes indeed lured a lot of passers-by into the museum.

City Museum of Ljubljana, CCEA Prague, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

Commissioner: CCEA (Prague) and Cultural association KUD C3 (Ljubljana)