The Vision of Neighbourhood’s Public Space

A document that combines resident initiatives and expert knowledge

The Vision of Neighbourhood’s Public Space is a part of a larger project of Intergrated Urban Regeneration of Savsko naselje neighbourhood. It started in 2013 with the invitation of the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Ljubljana.

The role of public space changed significantly since 1961 when the neighbourhood was built. Nowadays, debates about public space in this neighbourhood are subject mainly to disputes over parking spaces – it had room to include 500 cars, but today there are over four thousand.

Past examples from abroad show that increasing the number of parking spaces in not a long-term solution. We strived to find a different one, and at the same time didn’t want to limit ourselves only to the problem of parking spaces. The Integrated Urban Regeneration therefore required forming different working groups that included residents who were interested in different topics or issues. The working group for public space included architecture students and experts in the field of spatial planning. In one year we developed a Vision of Public Space, a document Suggestions and Intiatives for Public Space of Savsko Neighbourhood and even carried out improvements in the space itself.


Savsko naselje neigbourhood, Ljubljana

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana

Partners: Savskego naselje residents, Olga Michalik, Tadej Žaucer, Irena Ostojič, Aidan Cerar, students of FA Ljubljana, prof. Tadej Glažar, Grenoble Institute of Urban Studies students, prof. Gilles Novarina, High School of Design and Photography students Ljubljana