Velenje Supercity

How do you spell supercity? What are Velenje’s strongpoints?

Velenje is more than a cluster of modernistic, airy, sunny and green vistas. Velenje is its people; they live in the city, take care of it, openly boast about its qualities and grow with it.

A random visitor will always be surprised by the city’s integrity and its hidden treasures just waiting to be found or revived.

The city of Velenje invited us to remind its inhabitants of the city’s hidden charm; being so closely knit to the city, they sometimes forget its lovely features and a daring concept.

With the help of words we connected diverse and unique natural, spacal, historical, cultural and housing qualities of Velenje into an integral lively project. The chosen locations were furnished with inscriptions made of various materials pointing out the characteristics of Velenje to the inhabitants of the city as well as to visitors. The inscriptions were adapted to their urban setting and made with the spirit of the city in mind.

We collected data on the city and sorted it into various thematic sections; this was the starting point for 16 inscriptions or 16 emphases. Even thought very different, all of the emphasizing inscriptions are constructed in a manner typical for Velenje: they are interesting, funny and attractive.


Velenje, Slovenia

Co-workers: Igor Medjugorac (textual material), MoJcA OcvirK (public relations)

Commisioner: Municipality of Velenje

October 2010