Urban Orchard and Playground in Savsko Neighbourhood

Fruit trees and renewed playgrounds make beautiful neighbourhood stories continue

In Savsko naselje neighbourhood we ran a three year project of setting up an urban orchard.

We planted an old sort of a Slovenian apple and pear tree on the playgrounds and the hill between Linhartova, Savska and Mislejeva streets. Walnut trees, sorb trees and quince trees provide shade at the playground, and Mislejeva street is lined by apple trees. Urban orchard provides shade and makes the neighbourhood greener, but it is also a conversation starter for talks about the value of trees and greenery in the city.

The renewal and regeneration around Savski hill started in 2014. At the playground a Superhouse grew in order to test the area. In 2015, we renewed the playground equipment in order to meet the safety standards and match its color scheme. The playground has seen many beautiful things happen in the past sixty years. The renovated equipment and urban orchard assure that the children who use the playground today will have fond memories of it.

Savsko naselje neigbourhood, Ljubljana

Commisioner: City of Ljubljana

Sponsors: Silvaprodukt, Travna ruša Gregorc, Sorgo, PGM Hotič, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Smetumet

Collaboration: Matic Praznik

Photography: Rok Hočevar