Urban Chairs

Where along the Slovenska Road could you read book or eat a sandwich?

Setting up urban chairs was one of more noticeable interventions within the Slovenska Street project aimed at creating a better public space. They were set up along a main city street, running through the heart of the city from the Faculty of Arts to the crossroads of the Slovenska and Tivolska Street. Our objectives were to present the street’s quality spaces for sitting down or getting together with friends, to offer the passers-by a place to rest and last but not least, to test new urban furniture.

Why chairs? There were only a few existing benches along the Slovenska Road, that’s why we chose various additional spaces where we placed groups of chairs. In some places, the chairs provided a space to rest away from traffic, in others, they were used to make waiting at bus stops more pleasant. Sometimes they were used to surprise or to draw the attention of passers-by to a certain place.

The arrangements of chairs were adapted to different environments where Slovenska Road runs along parks and squares. The urban chairs that were used the most were left at their original locations even after the project ended, while others were rearranged or recycled.


Slovenska cesta, Ljubljana

Co-authors: studio Asobi

Commisioner: City of Ljubljana

Sponsors: Ljubljana Tourist Board, City of Ljubljana

Photography: Matevž Paternoster, Andraz Seifert