Trubarjeva Road

From a pass-through street to a useful public space

Trubarjeva Road has a colourful past, yet in the last few years it became merely a passage that leads to city centre. Nowadays, residents of Ljubljana rarely stop on the street. Together with small business owners and merchants from Trubarjeva, we wanted to slow down the foot traffic and entice new visitors to visit the street’s cafes and shops.

Another challenge that we had to tackle was how to enhance this street’s pleasant vibe and special character. Some of the interventions included setting up benches, trash cans, bike stands and interesting street lighting. In collaboration with Institute for sustainable development, Biodar Society and local eco-friendly food shops, we organized Trubarjeva Green Market, a farmers market taking place weekly from autumn 2012 to winter 2013. The afternoon operating times of the market allowed access to delicious, ecologically sustainable food for many residents who don’t have the opportunity to shop at the central market during the day.

We organized many other events and social gatherings. On Saint Nicholas day the bookshops hosted story time readings, and “Trubarjeva road presents itself” event included a skateboarding contest, music shows, a movie night, and many discounts at local shops.

Trubarjeva Street

Clients: Municipality of Ljubljana, Turizem Ljubljana

Project partners: Institute for Sustainable Development, Biodar Society, local shops

November 2012 – December 2013