New wind in Tomaj – Revitalisation of a village and inclusion of local community

The Karst village of Tomaj is situated on a sunny slope of a hill. With its strong history amidst a well known wine region, it is known mainly as the birthplace of the poet Srečko Kosovel.

The village once held regular work actions where villagers joined forces in maintaining and cleaning the public spaces. Through time such actions declined and the image of the village was left to the ravages of time.

Based on the findings of several workshops with local inhabitants, surveys and spatial analyses, we prepared a revitalisation plan to make Tomaj more welcoming, pleasant and friendlier for current and future residents. We invited all interested local individuals and institutions to contribute their ideas, skills and knowledge in the renovation of the village and creation of a local community.

The project consisted of several work campaigns and events. We carried out several presentations and workshops: a well-attended lecture of historian Mira Cenčič “Tomaj village through time” and a work campaign ‘the kal (sink-hole pond) and the benches’ in which we maintained space around one of the village’s sink-hole ponds and set up a bench. With the Higher Vocational College of Sežana – stonecutter department, we arranged for a stone bench that was to be set up at the water well in the centre of the village. During the summer we organized a 10-day voluntary work camp. Together with the participants we organized several smaller cleaning actions, renovated the wooden gate (porton) next to the village hall, dusted off the bowling alley and painted the floor at the children’s playground.


Tomaj, Slovenia

Project was made possible with: KS Tomaj, KD Tomaj, Sobca society, OŠ Dutovlje – Tomaj, Municipality of Sežana, Ministry of Culture

Partners: KS Tomaj, KD Tomaj, Sobca society, OŠ Dutovlje – Tomaj, Voluntariat Institute, With the Higher Vocational College of Sežana, KD Pliska

Collaboration: rural tourism Škrlj, Rogelja winery, Tomaj Inn, Rožamarija winery, local cheesemongers and goat breeders, Kosovel Library Sežana, Sežana mountaineering association