The Revitalization of Triglavska road, Bohinjska Bistrica

Long-term planning and short-term revitalization of industrial area

In many smaller towns, despite the rapid development of new forms of work, cultural activities, and socializing, there is often a lack of spaces that would serve as creative and entrepreneurial hubs. Degraded industrial areas represent an opportunity to establish these premises. The municipality of Bohinj is facing a situation where all existing premises are occupied with tourist activities. The wider area around the railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica represents a place where new spaces for young entrepreneurs and creatives can be developed.

The revitalization of the area included:

1. Planning of the passenger terminal
2. Park planning near stream Belica
3. Short-term revitalization program

For the municipality of Bohinj, we prepared a comprehensive plan for the revitalization of the area next to the railway station, which included a spatial analysis for the location of the main bus station and soft interventions to revive the abandoned buildings of the Construction company Bohinj (also known as Gradbena). With the proposed arrangements, this part of Bohinjska Bistrica would get a central economic and social role in the area.

We have made a plan for the renovation of the Belica bank, which acts as an entry point towards the new bus station and Gradbena. Along the bank, the existing chestnut and poplar avenue will be renovated, benches and signposts will be set up, and the road profile will be fixed. It is a minor arrangement, the first step that will significantly contribute to the revitalization of the area.

The revitalization of Gradbena was based on the needs of local residents, small businesses, and creative individuals who were involved in the activities from the very beginning. With the help of the test campaign, we researched wishes and needs and searched for the best way to breathe new life into the Gradbena area and create new stories in it.

We organized some work actions, two public discussions, an open day, and several meetings with employees of the municipality of Bohinj. Today, most of Gradbena buildings, from storage and workshops to office space, is rented out. Gradbena came to life in a new light. Nowadays it is inhabited by a distillery, a printing house, a sugar packaging plant, and other smaller companies, as well as Kamra – a new gallery and project space that hosts exhibitions, workshops, and cultural evenings.


Project: Green solutions – Innovative approaches and solutions for sustainable renovation of degraded and abandoned areas in Gorenjska
Partners: BSC, d.o.o., Kranj, Public Institution Triglav National Park, Tourism Bohinj, Municipality of  Bohinj, Municipality of Jesenice, Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Municipality of  Naklo, cultural association prostoRož
Total value of the operation (net eligible costs + VAT): € 516,150.42, of which the value of EAFRD co-financing is € 299,999.77 (85%)
European rural development program: Europe invests in the countryside
Description of the operation: The operation has a positive impact on and contributes to the harmonious sustainable development of rural areas. The main purpose of the operation is the activation and development of degraded and abandoned areas in rural areas, which will be based on the development of endogenous potentials: respect for local values (cultural identity, natural values, architectural and urban characteristics of settlements), the needs of local residents (active involvement in planning and cooperation in development, consideration of initiatives) and environmentally friendly development (regulation and activation of abandoned areas).
Objectives of the operation: to increase public involvement in the processes of renovation of abandoned areas; revitalization of 5 degraded areas in the Gorenjska countryside.
Operation activities: guidance and promotion; innovative soft approaches to activate degraded and abandoned areas; pilot infrastructure solutions for the management of degraded and abandoned areas.
Results of the operation: new approaches to active public involvement in the revitalization of degraded areas; 5 regulated degraded areas (in Stara Fužina in the area of TNP, in Blejska Dobrava, in Cerklje in Gorenjska, in Češnjevek and in Bistrica), which will also indirectly affect the revitalization of village cores.


Bohinjska Bistrica

Suppport: EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Partners: BSC Kranj, Municipality of Bohinj, kombinat arhitekti

Collaboration: Kamra, Youth organization Bohinj, Elementary school dr. Janez Mencinger

Photo: Klara Otorepec, Vesna Skubic