An abandoned construction site becomes an experimental space

“Teren” (eng. terrain) is a temporary use and circular economy project. Enabled by the City of Ljubljana, it takes place at a standstill construction site at Masarykova street in Ljubljana (near the main train station). Teren is a place for all kinds of experiments: gardening, sports, social, small, large, serious and silly.

The story about Teren begins with the municipality and public company Snaga inviting prostoRož to set up space and start encouraging collaboration at the abandoned construction site. We believe that temporary use is an opportunity with which unused spaces can get a new meaning – one that opens possibilities for socializing and connecting, for learning and play.

We collaborated with associations GOR and UAUU which set up an urban park with outdoor fitness equipment, and with the Waldorf school of Ljubljana that set up urban gardens and benches. Teren is ready for use and its purpose is for different associations to keep collaborating and networking, while using the space for different workshops, picnics, open days, art and music projects, gardening and cooking adventures…

All the equipment at Teren is made out of recycled objects and materials, found at Snaga’s center for waste disposal. Teren will be open for at least a year.

Masarykova street, Ljubljana

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, Snaga d.d.

Co-creators: GOR and UAUU associations, Waldorf school Ljubljana, and others

Photo: Nina Savič

2017 - ongoing