Taborjanka is a kitchen on wheels that adapts to dynamic events outdoors

Taborjanka is a great addition for all the cooks and vendors that believe Slovenia is ready for real street food. It contains a working surface, a sink, four cookers and it also enables an attractive presentation of culinary masterpieces. The idea for a kitchen on wheels was born in 2012 in collaboration with the French architectural group Comac to serve local residents, organisations and different artistic groups.

Taborjanka rental is free for organisations of Cultural Quarter Tabor Association. It was used in Tabor Park events every Saturday, where visitors had the opportunity to enjoy delicious morsels and hence spend more time at events amongst the greenery of the park. If you would like to use Taborjanka yourself to serve food at your event, write to us at

Taborjanka rental is also free for any event in Tabor Park!

Taborjanka, Ljubljana

Sponsors: French Cultural Institute, EU Kultura, City of Ljubljana, Tourism of Ljubljana

Partners: Comac, Markolo