Tabor: Revitalization of the quarter

Building the identity of a quarter through inclusion of a local community

Tabor is a smaller quarter in Ljubljana that lies between the old town and the central train station. In the past, Tabor was an industrial suburb with a strong local identity. Since Slovenia’s independence, due to different reasons, this identity gradually dissolved. The survey results that we carried out in 2009 showed that Tabor residents don’t consider themselves “Taborjani” any longer, but they did miss greenery and parks, even with the presence of Tabor park in the center of the neighbourhood.

We wanted to re-establish Tabor’s identity. In the spring of 2010 we started to carry out activities on multiple fields in Tabor park, and in august that year set up a Map of Wishes during the Young Lions festival. Through that project, we received around 200 proposals and wishes for the neighbourhood, out of which the following projects emerged: Čufarjeva street, Tabor children’s playground, Kolodvorska children’s playground, Museum platform playground, Neighbour’s Day, Mobile kitchen Taborjanka, Optimisti, and Trubarjeva road.

The intertwining of these projects with the activities of Bunker Institute, Metelkova City, Museum platform and other members of Tabor quarter created a new identity of the quarter; Tabor became a cultural quarter. The project resonated in the Slovenian environment as a best practice example of resident inclusion into sustainability strategies and is as such an encouragement to other similar initiatives.

In the scope of European ECLECTIS project, six partners and prostoRož researched if NGOs can help empower local communities with management of urban public space. We gathered recommendations for decision-makers and similar initiatives in a publication named “A contribution from cultural and creative actors to citizen’s empowerment“.


Tabor quarter, Ljubljana

Partner: Bunker Association, IPOP, KčT,

ECLECTIS project partners: Dedale (Pariz), Waag Society (Amsterdam), Expeditio (Kotor), Transforma (Torres Vedras), Idensitat (Barcelona), PACT (Pariz)

Supporters: Ministry of Culture, EU Kultura, City of Ljubljana