Tabor Playground

Children’s playground Tabor: a space for young scouts and their imagination

Number one wish from the Map of Wishes

 The idea of a children’s playground in front of Hotel Park goes back to the Map of Wishes project that prostoRož group carried out in August 2011. The aim of that project was to encourage the locals to state their wishes regarding public space within the Tabor quarter. Out of 224 wishes, more than 40 mentioned a playground or new playground equipment.

Playground theme: first camping experience at the Tabor quarter

The playground is situated at Tabor and draws inspiration from outdoor camping and scouting (“tabor” is Slovene for a scout campsite). Various settings of six triangular houses and a few additions create different ambiences: at the lake, in the woods, by the campfire, around an oak table …

The ambiences are connected by a path made of recycled asphalt that runs along gravel surfaces with playground furniture. If you look closely you may be able to spot a squirrel, a snail, some fly amanitas and caterpillars.

The concept: children’s imagination and social interaction

The main focus of the playground is children and their endless imagination. The playground gives children the possibility to invent new situations or new games, be it from real life or the world of fairy tales. The concept enables play for various age groups and does not only consider small children; school children are welcome to participate at play as well. Around the playground there are several benches for adults – they can observe the children play or even actively participate in their games (large playground furniture). The playground equipment is designed to enable group play. Incorporating various generations into the happening in and around the playground helps create social contacts between children and the elderly.

Local residents are responsible for the playground too

 A very important point in designing a playground is the maintenance. Children of Ledina Kindergarten prepared the playground opening, residents helped with painting the equipment, and the nearby Hotel Park will take care of daily inspections and of the mobile playground equipment. As a part of an experiment, the hotel staff brought a box of wooden parts, old pots and waste material to the playground every day. The children were able to use them in their play.

The inclusion of residents aimed at motivating the user to take responsibility for his or her environment. The playground should become theirs.

Tabor, Ljubljana

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana

Photography: Mojca Janželj

October 2012