Sustainable Mobility in Schools

Workshops on a safer way to school for Poljane and Dob elementary schools

We organized two workshops – together with partners – where we searched for a safer way to school. With parents, teachers and students, we discussed how to arrange the paths to both schools while following the principles of sustainable mobility.

Being dependent on personal vehicles causes air pollution, energy consumption, takes up space and costs a lot of money. The project “Sustainable mobility in schools” addresses this issue from the standpoint of municipality, schools, school staff, parents and children. The purpose of the project was to present schools and municipalities with simple and advanced solutions on the path to sustainable mobility in the scope of the school district.

Within the scope of this project, we:

  1. prepared a review of existing practices, projects, activities and publications on the topic of sustainable mobility in elementary schools;
  2. educated children, parents and school staff on the importance of sustainable mobility, alternatives to traveling by car and opportunities that different types of mobility can bring;
  3. introduced new practices of coming to school that encourage walking and bicycling, like walkbus and bicitrain, which limit the possibility of parking in the immediate proximity of schools;
  4. through two pilot projects we designed concrete measures for a sustainable traffic regulation in one city and one rural/suburban school district;
  5. transferred the results of pilot projects and good practices to other school districts.


Poljane and Dob elementary schools

Support: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Coordination: Institute for Spatial Policies - IPoP

Partners: Cipra Slovenia, Focus Association

September 2016 - October 2017