Slovenska Road

How does a road become a street?

Slovenska road, the main road running through the city, was marked by decaying façades, empty lots, closed building sites, empty shops, murky or neglected underpasses and passages and a lack of street equipment.

During Slovenian presidency of the European Union, the City of Ljubljana decided to rearrange it, since it is the main axis that runs through the city. A renovation of house facades, renewal of underpasses, passages and platforms, planting of greenery, installation of lights and street furniture was to take place. The architectural and spatial renovations as well as urban interventions were accompanied by artistic installations, events and social gatherings.

The aim of this project was to improve the appearance of the main city street, renew its busiest part, search for possibilities together with testing the potentials of this public space before permanent changes take place. Another aim was to inform citizens about Slovenska road’s potential for future development into a space where foot, bike and car traffic would coexist.

The long term city plan foresaw an inner traffic ring, through which Slovenska Road became a much friendlier place for residents and visitors. Nowadays, as a result of that plan, it is only open to public transport, cycling and walking.

How can a road with such heavy traffic become a street? A street differs from a road not only in size; while a road is intended mostly for vehicles, a street is pedestrian friendly, and while the road’s main objective is to assure that the traffic runs smoothly, a street can be full of life even when everything around it comes to a standstill.

Slovenska cesta, Ljubljana

Authors: deputy mayor prof. Janz Koželj (head of project), Karel Pollak (renovation coordinator of building hulls), ALUO (Tanja Pak, Monika Lovše, Patricija Vrbnjak, Nina Jordan), Arnoldvuga+, Asobi, Jaka Bonča, Martin Bricelj, Codeep, Sašo Kalan, Karin Košak and Sergej Žlahtič, Marché restaurants, multiPlan architects, Matevž Paternoster, Pazi!Park, Dance school Urška, Marko Pogačnik, VITAAA association, prostoRož, Slovene Philharmonics, Mateja Starič and Johanna Herr, KITCH association, Nostalgija association, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. association, Ljubljana Tourist Board, Novo Mesto Tourist Board, Union of Ljubljana's culture associations

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana

Sponsor: Ljubljana Tourist Board