Sharing Copenhagen

A sculpture with an environmental protection message

Like many European cities, Copenhagen is facing the consequences of climate change. By focusing on Skt. Kjelds neighbourhood, the city is building a climate-resilient neigbourhood. One of the focuses is an innovative approach to handling rainwater. To avoid reparation costs after flooding or to avoid a construction of expensive public utilities, they planned to increase the amount of retention surfaces by using water collectors on basketball fields and skateparks and test new methods of water separation.

Alongside those efforts, they organized an international competition for a construction of an urban sculpture that would represent different shapes of water and become a centerpiece of the neighbourhood. Five countries participated: Germany, Sweden, Spain, England and Slovenia.

prostoRož stayed with the locals for a week and worked at the office of urban regeneration in Skt. Kjelds. We designed a sculpture called “The big magical water machine”: it contained five metal “trumpets”, where the upper part would be a water collector, and the lower part a space for experimenting with water. Each “trumpet” would represent a property of water: sound, force, pressure, meaning, movement and flow through different devices and tests.

Skt. Kjelds Neighbourhood, Copenhagen, Denmark

Comissioner: Wooloo Organisation, office of The Integrated Urban Renewal of Skt. Kjelds

Coworker: Nejc Matjaž

October 2015