Setting the table

A table set with surprises

Setting the table was one of the accompanying events of the “At Home: Architects Marta and France Ivanšek” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana. We were invited by the curators to alter the tables in Moderna Coffee Shop in a way that interprets the work of Ivanšek architects.

We named it “Premetanka” – “the tossing game”. We printed the fabric patterns that Ivanšek couple sold at their home decor shop. The visitors were able to change the composition of the table’s surface by tossing different pieces around. Under the lids – pieces that covered the table, they could find small surprises: candy, pencils, different texts, graphics, or images.

In this work we wanted to explore what people do while having a meal besides eating, what is the role of a dining table in a room and what are the new eating habits. We also wanted to point out that we usually eat alone and quickly. The table and the tossing game was offered to the visitors, as well as the items inside the table.


Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

Partners: Museum of Modern Art; Trajekt

March - May 2010