Savsko Courtyard

Setting up space for outdoor activities

With Savsko courtyard project we renovated the outdoor area of Savsko Community Home in Ljubljana and set up the first “community courtyard” of its kind.

We were looking to entice visitors and local residents and enable them to spend some quality time outdoors. We wanted to provide a space to connect and make new acquaintances. The physical renovation included:

  • Hedge maintenance that obstructed the views and separated the courtyard from a meadow and planting four birch trees.
  • Building urban equipment: the courtyard and the meadow were equipped with deckchairs, picnic tables, awnings and hammocks.
  • Painting a metal fence and the concrete floor.

With this kind of renovation we enabled the activities of community home to take place outdoors. We were happy to see that children and young families gathered at the courtyard and participated in the outdoor activities.

This project is a part of Integrated Urban Regeneration project in Savsko naselje neighbourhood.

Savsko naselje neigbourhood, Ljubljana

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, JSKD, TAM-TAM, Creative Europe, Artizen Project

Collaboraion: Aja Sredanović, Tomaž Čeligoj, Bilal Yilmaz, children from Mala ulica br>
Photography: Rok Hočevar et al.