Savski Hill, Super Hill

A renovated basketball field in residents’ taste

Savski Hill, Super Hill project was initiated and supported by Melisa Štemberger, the mother of a deceased basketball player Filip Štemberger, both residents of Savsko neighbourhood.

In collaboration with musician Rok Trkaj and seventh grade students Savsko elementary school, we carried out a series of workshops, where we developed a plan for renovation of basketball court on Savski hill. As a result, we set up grandstands, hammocks, a memorial mural on the floor, a running track and we paved the walking paths. The mural artwork was done by art group Clan 1107. We presented our plans to the City of Ljubljana that participated through maintenance work.

The resident children, their parents and other local residents collaborated in deciding how to improve Savski hill and how to carry out the plans. Through renovation of this public spaced we contributed to a stronger sense of community; the community that nowadays uses the space more regularly and takes care of it.

This project is a part of Integrated Urban Regeneration project in Savsko naselje neighbourhood.

Savsko naselje neigbourhood, Ljubljana

Client: Milesa Štembergar

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, Tisa d.o.o., Mizarstvo Blaž Bevc

Sodelavci: 7.a students of Savsko naselje elementary school, local residents, Rok Terkaj, Miran Pešič, Olga Michalik, Jošt Kandus, Maksim in Miha - Klan 1107

Photography: Matjaz Tančič