Sava Beach

For comfortable sunbathing

We participated in the arrangement of the Sava river bank by designing stone deckchairs for Hidrotehnik d.d. The bank and the river had been rehabilitated in a sustainable way, and water access had been maintained by the City of Ljubljana and Hidrotehnik.

The deckchairs are made of concrete – the top layer is cut and the lateral layers are chopped. According to their materiality, they resemble the big plates of conglomerate gravel from the river which is broken by heavy rain from the steep slopes and deposited on the beach. They are designed in such a way that they are pinched in the middle, which makes lying on the top of it enjoyable, while the bottom enables it to be placed on a rugged terrain. With this powerful shaping element, which can be used in various layouts and combinations along the whole river, we transfer the idea of a beach to the entire Sava riverbank in Ljubljana.

The Sava Beach can be found on the right bank of the Črnuče bridge towards Tacen, where the Natura area is located.


Area Natura, Sava river

Client: Hidrotehnik d.d.

Photo: Lena Hofman

May 2018