Installation on World Suicide Prevention Day

Samarijan – Confidential Telephone, is a non-profit humanitarian organization where volunteers answer anonymous and confidential phone calls and offer support to individuals in emotional distress. On World Suicide Prevention Day, Samarijan organized different activities. We designed an installation that represented the diversity and depth of the topic of emotional distress.

On the street alongside Nebotičnik building, where the event was held, we installed a 70-meter long desk that symbolized an average of 70 phone calls that a Samarijan volunteer answers each day. We placed 220 phones on the desk, which is the number of active Samarijan volunteers. Public passers-by were able to pick up the phones and listen to simulated recordings of distress that were based on true stories. On the façade of Nebotičnik building, we installed a long vertical flag with the slogan “I hear your call”. The installation aimed to emphasize the importance of prompt response to calls in distress.

Client: Zaupni Telefon Samarijan

Co-creator: Kaja Kisilak