Revitalization of Kolezija Park

A temporary intervention in the abandoned area of Kolezija park

The aim of this intervention was to set up a utilitarian place for relaxation with nearby residents in mind.

In phase one, we made a plan to revitalize the space, and the maintenance took place on multiple levels: we cleaned the greenery, renovated the paved surfaces, removed waste and set up a protective fence. We collaborated with Sports Ljubljana institute that took care of larger construction works. We also discussed building a new skatepark with local skateboarders, but the project unfortunately wasn’t realized due to the lack of funding.

After restoration works were finished, we organized a “Temporary urban equipment” workshop for students of the Faculty of Architecture and of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. Nineteen students participated, and carried out an analysis about potential users of the space as a first step. They had to think about different concepts for temporary use of this public space and develop suitable urban equipment, one key point being that it has to be relatively simple to set it up. The students then prepared plans, searched for materials, made the elements themselves and set them up at the location.

At the same time we organized a round-table discussion about the importance of sculptures in public space. The conversation with sculptors was lead by Ida Hiršenfelder, an art critic, and the participants were Primož Pugelj, Zoran Srdić Janežič, Urša Toman and Ana Čigon. After the workshop concluded we organized a projection of a student film about Kolezija from the author Maja Pregl, as student of Acadeemy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT).



Kolezija Swimming Pool, Ljubljana

Coworkers: prof. Marija Jenko NTF, asistant Sinan Mihelčič FA

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana, Institute for Sports Ljubljana