The River

How can a river become the city?

The project focused on the Ljubljanica River, explored its potentials and revived its banks by bringing life to the river and its banks. It revealed the river’s potential through temporary installations. Our project was a practical experiment in search for the answers what content is appropriate to be placed along and on the river in order to connect it more closely with the city and its inhabitants.

The project consisted of two complementary segments, one dealing with the river and the other with the stops along it. The river was presented as a waterway, its banks as public space. The waterway extended from Špica to the Zmajski Bridge. At the two existing ports, we enabled water access and a free canoe rental for the public. In one week, 1000 people „strolled” along the river in canoes. In the end, we concluded the project with a round table discussion at which the participants talked about the possibilities for a better use of Ljubljanica river in the city centre and the possibility of reshaping its banks outside the city centre.





The river Ljubljanica and its banks

Co-authors: Tjaša Avsec, Urša Golob, Jaša, Uršula Oitzl, Metka Pretnar, Tina Rugelj, Nina Rupel, Urška Štrukelj, Maja Valič, Marjeta Zupančič, Marko Kovačič (authors of installations), Žiga Testen (visual image), Mojca Ocvirk in Mateja Rozman (public relations), Maja Vardjan (moderator of the round table discussion), Anja Hlade (sociological research).

Sponsors: City Council of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture, Ljubljana Tourist Board, Arcadia, Riko, Dana, Slovene Railways, Kovinoplastika Piskar, BM-Trade, Led Design, Blisk Servis

Partners: Tourist association Ljubljanica, DČS Špica, The Student Section of the Slovene Association for Public Relations, Public Lighting Ljubljana, Elektro Ljubljana, Biosfera, KUD C3, Flower shop Nova, Ribca, Makalonca, Grand hotel Union