RCERO Educational Trail

Golden Pencil architectural award – learning through experience and play

Educational trail of Regional centre for waste management (RCERO) is a landscaping project surrounding the regional waste management facilities. It has eleven theme points that educate visitors about types of materials, recycling and re-use of waste. It has been proven that learning through a personal experience increases the quality of learning. Hence, we wanted to offer a fun and practical way of experiencing the materials through sound.

At each of the theme points, we presented a different type of waste by making an instrument out of it. That enabled visitors to get to know and experience waste in a different form – by listening to the sounds and tones produced by various materials.

The Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia awarded RCERO project, that includes our educational trail, with the Golden Pencil award in 2017 for best architectural project in Slovenia. The jury argued that the project spreads social awareness on how to manage waste and brings up sustainability issues in a playful way. They appreciated the simplicity of the project, the interaction with materials, efficient use of colour and graphics and a humorous approach to a complicated and technical subject.

The instruments were designed together with Samo Kutin, a musician and instrument maker. Some elements were graphically enhanced by Studio Botas.


Client: Snaga d.o.o.

Co-authors: Tomaž Čeligoj, Samo Kutin, Jošt Kandus, Rok Hočevar, Andrej Koruza, Bruto, Krajinska arhitektura, studioBotas

Photography: Miran Kambič