Picnic Inventions

Recycled amenities for food preparation and socializing in the city

Picnic Inventions are a series of mobile inventions for preparing Indian chapati bread, a simple snack and convenient when one has to feed a large number of people. Inventions are made only out of recycled materials (waste barrels, bicycle parts, wooden boards from pallets) while complemented with discarded and still usable objects, found in Snaga waste collection center (barbecue grill, a few pots, an old chimney…).

Picnic Inventions address food processing and consumption that besides satisfying a basic human need also connects and brings people together. That’s why invention for chapati making and invention for dough preparation are complemented with the invention for a feast with benches and tables.

Picnic Inventions prototypes are meant to be used primarily at community space Teren at Masarykova street in Ljubljana. They are designed so that they can be transported to different locations in the city where they would encourage or complement events in public space. Come try them out or transport them elsewhere. You can rent them via Library of Things. Instructions for use (in Slovenian, but with drawings) can be found in the catalog.

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, Snaga d.d.

Design: Bilal Yilmaz

Technical implementation: Bilal Yilmaz, Tilen Mihelič Kurent

Photo: Jošt Derlink