A park instead of a parking space appears on five streets in Ljubljana

Parkplace is a temporary “park” that takes up the space of one parking spot.

Narrow sidewalks and lines of parked cars are discouraging the growth of urban life, and they also prevent the public ground floor businesses to bring some life into the street. Parkplaces project tested if certain streets require more room for people instead of cars. With this project we opened up opportunities for a diverse use of this public space by placing a bench and greenery into a parking spot.

A long term goal of the traffic strategy of the City of Ljubljana is to decrease the negative effects of traffic onto the environment. That includes a decrease in the number of parking spaces. We wanted to follow these guidelines and promote a new form of public space, as well as encourage citizens to use public transport, bike or walk instead of driving.

Temporary interventions like Parkplaces can be carried out in a short amount of time. A lot of streets in Ljubljana have telephone and electrical lines, sewers and public lighting under ground, that’s why it is not possible to plant trees. We solved this by using trees in troughs.

Temporary parks were set up on Rimska, Beetohovnova and Igriška streets, on Židovska lane and Gornji square in collaboration with The Green Capital of Europe project. The temporary installation took place in a season when more people use bikes (May – September 2014) and the need for parking places is less pronounced. Parkplace users wanted the parks to remain on the streets, and the city of Ljubljana decided to extend the installation until the end of 2015.


Rimska, Beethovnova, Igriška street, Židovska lane, Gornji square Ljubljana

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana

Park maintenance: Boutique Almira Sadar, Domača peka, Studio Ag Au, bar Žmauc, Irena Woelle

May 2014 - December 2015