Parking lot becomes a playground

Architectural workshop for “Architecture & Children” group

The Architecture & Children group has been educating children about architecture since 2009. Within the scope of the group’s functioning we prepared the Parking lot becomes a playground workshop.

Parking lots and traffic represent a large part of open public space in the cities, yet we imagined what would a car-less city be like. In a sustainable city, public space is used by people, so we attempted to temporary rearrange parking spaces into playgrounds or spaces for rest: the parking lot became a stage, a market or an open air gallery, while the street became a dance floor or a fashion catwalk. A multipurpose public space opens up opportunities to adapt to the city’s needs.

At the beginning of the children’s workshop, we discussed the multipurpose use of public spaces by looking at pictures of different public spaces: squares, parks, playgrounds, streets, riverbanks, courtyards… Children chose a location, the parking lot, and used their imagination to transform it in order to serve a different purpose. They used waste materials and second-hand pieces of furniture to create urban equipment and benches, lamps, stands, stages, fountains… They compared the transformed spaces with the old ones and discovered what type of use and activity could take place in the new arrangement.


House of Architecture: Ljubljana, UGM: Maribor

Partners: Center for Architecture Slovenia, UGM Maribor, House of Architecture