What kind of parks does Ljubljana need?

The state of public parks in 2005:

With this project we tried to draw attention to the green areas within the city centre of Ljubljana as well as explore their role and significance today. Ljubljana’s parks are one of the city’s great potentials, unfortunately the majority of them in central town do not meet modern European park standards – people rarely use them, they lack park equipment, there is no playground equipment, they are not properly maintained and cleaned, dog excrements are a frequent nuisance etc.

We chose the parks in the strict centre of Ljubljana. With our installations, we tried to open to their visitors the numerous possibilities that they offer and make them attractive for use by citizens and visitors of Ljubljana. For the time of the project, we furnished the parks with hammocks, swings, platforms where one could sit or play, we set up a living room, furnished trees with tree houses etc. We concluded the project with a discussion on what kind of parks we need in Ljubljana. We invited experts from the fields of architecture, landscape design, city planning and sociology.


Parks in central Ljubljana

Co-authors: Žiga Testen (visual image), Špela Verbič-Miklič (public relations), Maja Vardjan (moderator of the round table discussion)

Sponsors: Si.mobil, City Council of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Tourist Board, Ministry of Culture, Student Organization Ljubljana, Riko, Max Funder, ZEBRA PLUS d.o.o., Sikkens, Spekter Žalec, VOLJATEL d.d, Rast, MDM, Horticulture Čatež, ctk library, KOŽ library, Recreational centre Zavod Tivoli

Partners: CODEEP, PIFF