Provocation for alternative use of public space

The installation focused on water and shade, two indispensable elements of urban space in the summer. It was placed on a square with a water surface area, which had been empty since the square was constructed ten years ago. As part of the U3, Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, four sailboats were placed on the abandoned fountain of the Museum platform. Passers-by had the opportunity to climb on the boats and enjoy the water.

After ten years of stagnation, the owner of the square decided to renovate the fountain and permanently fill it with water. We contributed to an improvement of the concrete platform that radiated with heat in the summer. The sailboats were inviting people to hang out, cool off and enjoy the cultural events that took place during the U3 exhibition. Parents and children alike enjoyed the fountain, and it quickly became an urban corner for adventure and socializing.


Museum platform, Metelkova, Ljubljana

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, Jadro Sailing Club, Ministry of Culture, MSUM

Photography: Matjaž Tančič