Open Spaces Day

One-day event on four abandoned construction sites

As prostoRož Cultural Association celebrated its 10th anniversary, we used this opportunity to point out some burning issues in Ljubljana. We gathered urbanism and urban activism experts and enthusiasts for an event that included a bike tour and three lectures on the topic of standstill construction sites. The tour was followed by a presentation of 16 different urban initiatives from Slovenia and the CCN – Creative City Network initiative from Skopje.

The event was the first informal gathering of the majority of Slovenian urban initiatives. Throughout the event we enabled an exchange of knowledge and experience, an identification of common issues and an opportunity for new collaborations. Taking place in abandoned construction sites, the event venues further emphasized the topic of discussion.


Tobačna city construction site, Ljubljana

Support: JSKD

Partners: Slovenian Open Houses, BIO50, City Creative Network Skopje, Muslauf, Poligon

Thanks: IMOS d.d., Aidan Cerar, Domača Peka, Janez Koželj, Blaž Lokar, PIIP, Meta Turk, urban craftsmen, friends

October 4th, 2014