Fashion show in the castle hill

We prepared a fashion show of the Nogard autumn/winter 06/07 collection in the air-raid shelter under Ljubljana castle’s hill. ProstoRož team was commissioned to choose the location, design the setting and prepare the concept of the event. Once again, we followed our fundamental principle and exposed a public space which is usually inaccessible; in addition, the collection itself dictated a cold, grey and anonymous setting resembling winter.

The City of Ljubljana had recently renovated one of the four air-raid shelters within the city centre. The shelter we chose was situated next to the tunnel below the castle hill, with its main entrance at Gornji Square. Reaching into the hill, the approximately 150 metres long and 6 metres wide space provides an emergency shelter for 600 people. Monochromatic setting, constant temperature around 8 degrees celsius and lined with many bed-bunks were a good environment for the atmosphere we tried to achieve.

At eight points amidst the bed-bunks, we arranged live models to stand dressed in Nogard’s designs, being lit by cool lighting. Resemblingfairytales creatures, their silhouettes were reflected in baroque mirrors, creating double images. Unusual designs were archaic, relaxed and happy at the same time. In this atmosphere, the textiles in red and indigo blue with flower patterns came to their fullest expression. The roles were reversed: the visitors took a walk in the long tunnel, a sort of a catwalk, while the models observed the visitors with interest.


Air-raid shelter at the Gornji Square in Ljubljana

Co-workers: Sonja Murgelj (make-up), Uroš Vovk (lights)

Commissioner: fashion studio Nogard

Sponsors: Flower shop NOVA, City Council of Ljubljana, Horticulture Tavčar