Museum Platform Playground

A renovated playground as a part of integrated renovation of public space

Instead of setting up new playground equipment we decided to renovate the old metal “trains” that stood on the platform. The train constructions have been removed from school playgrounds in the past few years under the pretence that they don’t meet the playground equipment safety standards. We met the requirements with a few minimal adjustments and the correct placement of the equipment.

The trains, wagons and cars that were one of the first series of outdoor playground equipment in Slovenia, were very popular in the past. They allowed children to use their imagination when playing out different roles, they encouraged the development of a sense of balance and movement skills, and in comparison with many modern playground equipment, they enabled group play. That is why it is reasonable to keep these constructions alive, renovate them and adapt them to meet the current safety standards.

A timeless playground train, now with its new image, has become and remained a part of childhood memories for three generations of children in a row.



The playground at museum platform, Ljubljana

Comissioner: Ministry of Culture

Collaboration: Ivana, Blaž

Photography: Matjaž Tančič