Model Street

The ground floor co-constitutes the street

In the last few years, the Tavčar Street evolved into the hub of Slovenian design. The tenants of the shops along the street wanted to empahsize this fact with a one-week fashion festival and asked us to join in. Alongside the presentation of fashion brands, we wanted to test the street as a pedestrian-friendly public space.

Our goal was to draw attention to the numerous empty shops and neglected shop windows in the city centre, what is often a result of a long denationalisation process. We attempted to temporarily reopen and re-conceptualize two of the empty shops along Tavčar Street. Unfortunately, we could not carry out our plan due to complications with denationalisation. However, we were allowed to rearrange two abandoned shop windows by covering them with photographs, and with that, suggesting new possibilities of use. In addition to arranging of the shop windows, we painted yellow ants on the road and put up yellow flags with printed patterns. We also placed seven yellow benches along the street. They generated the impression of a square and at the same time prevented the cars from parking on the pavement.

After the project ended, Ljubljana Tourist Board and the City Council decided that the benches will remain on the pavement.


Tavčar Street in Ljubljana

Co-creators: Arijana Gadžijev (patterns design), Valentina Smej (public relations)

Commissioners: Almira Sadar, Vale Novak

Sponsors: Ljubljana Tourist Board, Koding d.o.o.