Young planners for innovations in urban life

The aim of Mladibor project, together with Bunker Institute and partners, was to equip young residents of Maribor with different artistic tools. We strived to encourage young adults to create new and innovative content in their urban environment.

In three years, activities ranged from finding different solutions for a school playground, setting up elements for innovative use of public spaces to urban gardening project.

In 2011, we focused on an idea for a temporary restructuring of a schoolyard that would provide students with an outdoor space for quality free time. By adding new elements to the schoolyard, for example, hammocks, students would be provided with a number of different ways they can use the outdoors.

In 2012 workshop, students got aquainted with Maribor old town. They discovered what lies on the sqares and the streets, behind the houses and under the bridges. They were encouraged to think about how to spend their time in these locations and how they would make these spaces more youthful, more pleasant and attention-grabbing. The workshop participants and their mentors designed two space installations, one in Žički passage and the other in the passage from Jewish quarter to Lent. Installations were used by visitors and residents of Maribor city.

In 2013, we carried out a workshop of sustainable gardening together with Guardians Of Seeds initiative. We educated participants who wanted to become school gardeners about biodiversity and seed quality. We made accessories for seed storage and for drying seeds, and in the springtime, we placed the first beds of soil in the school’s courtyard.

Young planners for innovations in urban life

Partners: Zavod Bunker, Druga gimnazija Maribor,

Client: Druga gimnazija Maribor

Maribor 2011 - 2013