Meeting Pot

A journey to the kitchen and back

In the first half of 2007, architectural group Qenep took over the 7×11 gallery in Ypenburg, the Netherlands. The gallery was hosting visiting artists, supported by the Artoteek foundation. Their project entitled ‘House in Transition’ researched new dimensions of living and how globalization affects them.

Members of Kombinat and prostoRož were invited join in with the “Meeting pot” project. During our three week stay in Ypenburg, we researched behavioral patterns of modern families. We prepared nine free dinners at the homes of local residents and tree breakfasts at the gallery. In a relaxed atmosphere we discussed living in a new housing estate of single family homes, the family’s attitude towards the kitchen, the frequency and diversity of the kitchen’s use, the food and the eating habits of our hosts. They use their kitchens for various purposes, where cooking is no longer the only chore.

We used the kitchen as a laboratory in which we got to know the living habits of a handful of families, living in a new housing estate near The Hague.


Ypenburg / Den Haag / The Netherlands

Co-authors: Tomaž Čeligoj and Blaž Kandus - Kombinat, Klement Podnar (concept), Robert Mrzel (cooking instructor)

Commissioner: 7x11 Artoteek Den Haag and Quenep arch. and product design