Architectural workshop for “Architecture & Children” group, Najdihojca kindergarten

Architecture & Children group has been running educational workshops for children in the field of architecture and spatial planning since 2009. The “Matches” workshop was organized together with Laurent Tardieu, a french architect. It took place at different locations around Slovenia and included children of different age groups. In autumn 2012, we carried out the workshop in four units of Najdihojca Kindergarten in Ljubljana.

The material we worked with were wooden sticks, 3×3 centimeters thick and two meters long with holes on each end. The ends were painted red, like matches.  Our idea was to bring the concept of a structure in architecture closer to children through use of simple materials. Throughout the workshop, we put emphasis on the individual work of children as well as on the collective process of building a three-dimensional structure. In the end, we covered the structures  with plastic, wood, fabric…

Ljubljana Šiška

Partners: Center for Architecture Slovenia

Comissioner: Najdihojca kindergarten (unit Aetrenia, Palček, Biba in Čenča)

september in oktober 2012