Map Of Wishes

What do residents of Tabor wish for their quarter?

We placed a 150 m2 large carpet in front of Slovene Ethnographic Museum – a map representing the Tabor quarter. Individual colours on the carpet represented current usage of ground floor. The project was carried out as a part of long-term revitalization programme of Tabor Park in cooperation with Bunker association.

Residents of the quarter as well as the visitors were invited to the carpet. They were able to state their wishes or make suggestions. Each wish was written down and pinned to the spot on the carped where it should be implemented, together with a helium balloon. The carpet changed from day to day. Each new balloon meant an additional wish. The carpet turned the platform in front of the museum into a meeting point where people were able to engage in conversation and children played with their friends. The inhabitants searched for their street, their house or the nearest shop on the carpet map. Playfully, they thought about their neighborhood and of the things they wanted to be surrounded by.

At the end of the fifth day, there were around 200 wishes on the carpet. They ranged from urban furniture, public space maintenance, to the event programme in the quarter. The wishes were mainly positive and will help us a great deal with future interventions to city quarters. The mayor of Ljubljana went over the suggestions and announced what city council of Ljubljana will implement by the end of the year. Tabor quarter got a new playground between Vidovdanska Street and Park Hotel, as well as new playground equipment in front of Kinodvor on Kolodvorska Street.

The Map of Wishes project was a starting point for one of the larger prostoRož intitiatives: the revitalization of Tabor park, where – in collaboration with City of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture – many of the wishes came true.

The project was a successor of a Make a Wish project that we carried out in Vienna.

Platform infront of Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

Commissioner: Zavod Bunker

Sponsors: Baloh d.o.o., Vorwerk International, Eko Still d.o.o., Interflooring d.o.o.

Special thanks: Neža Novak, Wiktoria Górecka, Taša Štrukelj

Young Lions festival, 19. – 24. August 2011