Library of THINGS / Community Centre Savsko naselje Neighbourhood

Do you need a drill, an ice cream maker, a tent or a pair of skis? Visit the Library of THINGS.

Library of THINGS is a special non-profit library, where members can borrow various useful items: tools, sports equipment, toys, home appliances… The Library of THINGS enables individuals to use items that they would only need occasionally or couldn’t afford them on their own. That way we help to save time, money and space. Anyone who pays the yearly membership, donates an item from our Wish list or volunteers for 30 hours at the centre can become a member. Even non-members can borrow items by paying a small fee.

The Library, inspired by Leila library in Berlin, was established in 2015 as a result of revitalisation of the local community centre in Savsko naselje neighbourhood. By opening the Library we also provided the use of its space free of charge for various events. Anyone can organize an event as long as it is free and open for public. We host various lectures, board game nights, swaps, as well as workshops such as knitting lessons, yoga or analogue photo printing. This way the Library of THINGS is strengthening the social life inside the neighbourhood and building stronger social networks among the locals.

This project is a part of Integrated Urban Regeneration project in Savsko naselje neighbourhood.

Savsko naselje neigbourhood, Ljubljana

Partners: Regional center for creative economy - RRA LUR, City of Ljubljana, Slovenia Coworking, Employment service of Slovenia

Sponsors of THINGS: BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o., Elna, EXPERTA M&J D.O.O., Snaga d.d., Zadruga Dobrote, Balansa Slackline

Photography: Rok Hočevar, David Lotrič