Outdoor planning for Kozolec square

The area between Slovenska and Kersnikova street in Ljubljana is something special due to the variety of buildings that surround it. The buildings were constructed in different time periods and are of different heights; the space that connects them was initially intended to be a residential courtyard, but due to its dimension it gives the impression of an urban space. It connects two important streets with different spaces of use: a bus stop, the central library, a student club,  the stock exchange, restaurants, bars, office buildings and apartment buildings.

After a few years of this place being in a terrible state, they built an underground parking garage and the city gained a new public space. There were many ambitions and wishes for the new square: the library needed a space for smaller events and bike stands, employees wanted some shade during lunchtime, the children of the residents wanted a playground, the elderly wished for greenery and benches, the students for a place for meetings, and so on. The goal when planning for a new square was to combine all the suggestions and enable the unforeseen wishes to come true as well.

We designed the space in a way that allows for a free flow of people and bikers across the square: two passages lead to the square from Kersnikova and Slovenska streets. We formed several different ambiences by adding urban equipment: benches, tree troughs, different varieties of trees and vines, bike stands, trash cans and street lamps.

We wish for the new square to come to life with different events for people of several age groups and interests. The existing nearby businesses and cultural institutions could take their events outdoors and help revive the square through literary events, music and theatre events, lectures, exhibits… The library has the potential to open an outdoor area. Such interlacing of content would create a space that doesn’t exist in Ljubljana yet, but would be very welcome.

The square above Kozolec parking garage, Ljubljana

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana

Head of project: Studio Locus d.o.o.