Inventions for gardeners

Recycled accessories that improve gardening in cities

Inventions for gardeners are made from items that were found at Snaga waste collection centers. Their purpose is to facilitate gardening in cities where the most common problems relate to the acquisition of water for watering and low soil quality. Because inventions are built by “do it yourself” principle, they can also serve as inspiration for individuals with manual skills.

Gardening inventions consist of a high bed and a frame for a hotbed, a rainwater tower, a water tank, a fireplace, a roller for  compost and a soil sifter. Prototypes of Invention for gardeners are primarily intended to be used at Teren community area on Masarykova Street in Ljubljana, but you can also borrow and test them at your local garden.

Inventions for gardeners address one of the basic human needs and at the same time one of the biggest challenges of the circular economy of the future: food production and local self-sufficiency. Its continuation is the Picnic inventions project, which addresses food processing and socializing. Inventions for gardeners and Picnic inventions together illustrate the path that a seed has to go through until it becomes food.

Masarykova street, Ljubljana

Supporters: City of Ljubljana, Snaga d.d.

Design: Maša Cvetko

Photo: Tomaž Šantl