Experiment City

What can an abandoned cold storage room turn into?

The third ExperimentCity festival in Vienna, organized by Berlin id22 institute for sustainable urban development, hosted participants from London, Istanbul, Taipei and Guatemala. ProstoRož team participated with a public space experiment in Ljubljana and performed a small scale opinion poll titled “Favorit?”.

We temporarily closed a passage along an abandoned cold storage room with panels and inserted several slides into the panels. On one side, the visitors were able to see the space behind the doors as it was. On the other side, we presented suggestions of what the place could become: a bookshop, a nightclub, a swimming pool, a butcher shop, a bowling alley, a restaurant, a sauna… The initiative encouraged passers-by to think about one particular space, to assess its suggested uses and to search for new possibilities.

More at www.experimentcity.net

Kühlhaus at Gleisdreieck in Berlin

Co-creators: Tomaž Čeligoj, Blaž Kandus

Autumn 2006