Eipprova Street

A series of activities for revitalization of Gradaščica riverbank

Eipprova Street used to be a port at the south Gradaščica riverbank. This area, with its unique ambient, is an important local junction of Trnovo quarter’s community. Sadly, a large portion of Eipprova street was always filled with parked cars that obstructed the view of the river and the use of its banks.

We wanted to bring this issue to light and carried out a series of activities. We closed the street for a day, had a block part, workshops with residents, exhibitions and a visit from traffic policy expert Jan Gehl. His contribution in the form of consultancy, workshop and lecture radically changed the view of a new traffic policy. The event was a starting point for a long-term campaign that promoted walking and biking through the city.

This one-day event was a push for the City of Ljubljana to reorganize the street’s  traffic regime and turn it into a more pedestrian-friendly area. It also encouraged others to start organizing events in the area.

We showed that even smaller events that don’t require a lot of financial investments can point out the potentials of the public space, and that they can lead to long-term and more challenging improvements of the space.


Eipprova Street, Ljubljana

Partners: Za Mesto Po Dveh, Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Institute for Spatial Policies - IPoP, Faculty of Architecure

Comissioner: City of Ljubljana (Civitas Elan)