I dreamed I was a movie star

How we brought the world of cinematography to visitors and allowed them to live out their film star dream

Wroclaw Film Studio (WFF), where many masterpieces of Polish film were made, hosted European Cultural Congress in 2011 as a part of Poland’s EU presidency. The theme was “Art for social change” and prostoRož was invited to participate at an exhibition curated by Mojca Jug.

According to the location’s history, the starting point of our project was film, more specifically, one of the most iconic Polish films Ashes and Diamonds by Andrzej Wajda. It was filmed in 1958 in WFF’s quarters, starring the famous Polish actor of that time, Zbigniew Cybulski.

The project consisted of two spaces: a large room that was furnished with old pieces from WFF’s depot, and a small room that was turned into a film studio.

In the small room, the exhibition visitors were given the opportunity to act as a lead male role (Zbigniew Cybulski) or lead female role (Ewa Krzyzewska) in one of the scenes from Ashes and Diamonds. With the use of HD technology, the visitor-actor or actress was placed into the film itself. The recording was played on the screen of the large room immediately after. With every participant the number of two-minute films grew, and in three days of shooting we recorded over sixty films.

Wroclaw, Poland

Client: BWA Wrocław Galerie Sztuki Współczesnej

Co-production: zavod Bunker

Collaboration: Mojca Jug (kuratorka), Jure Plešec (film)

September 2011