Cockta Glasshouse

From bottle to glasshouse

The Cockta beverage brand wanted to promote its new R-PET plastic bottle and communicate its environmental awareness. With this in mind we saw the exposure of Cockta’s herbal ingredients as a relevant addition to the promotion of the bottle. We suggested a temporary spatial installation that focused on the ingredients of this legendary Slovenian beverage.

The “glasshouse” was made out of R-PET bottles and set up at the promenade of Citypark, a shopping mall in Ljubljana. The glasshouse was in shape of a cube with a “bar” outside the square. The walls of the glasshouse were plastic bottles that were attached to a light frame. From far away, the glasshouse gave the impression of a monolith, and an impression of a beehive from up close with patterns of larger and smaller bottles. We used 3300 plastic bottles in total.

Inside the glasshouse we placed tables with herbs and their descriptions, the key ingredients of the drink. Above them, bottles filled with water and hibiscus were hung. The dark bar in front of the entrance, where the hostesses served drinks and handed out cups with herbs, worked as a counter element to the see-through glasshouse.


BTC, Ljubljana

Coworkers: Neža Novak, Tomaž Čeligoj

Comissioner: Cockta, Pristop

December 2014