Arkova street, Idrija

In took us three days to temporarily decorate and permanently close part of the road in front of the retirement home on Arkova street in Idrija

Already in 2017, we come up with ideas for the reorganization of this part of Idrija together with local residents at urban planning workshops. Later, we also developed a parking policy for the entire city center with other partners. The resulting documents were the basis for the reorganization of the upper part of the street into a divided traffic area, where pedestrians and cyclists have priority over cars. The newly made square is therefore the result of long-term planning, consultation with residents, and the cooperation of several partners.

What does it take to turn 100 m of the road into 600 m2 of the square? 8 wooden troughs, 8 benches, 30 liters of paint, 2m3 of soil, 100 seedlings, 10 stencils, and three borrowed compressors. In three days, five members of the team worked in the field, assisted by 40 people from Idrija – volunteers, schoolchildren, and kindergarten children.

The newly created pedestrian area that was formed by the permanent closure of part of Arkova street for traffic, has now become a safe route to kindergarten and school. It is of great importance especially for the residents of the retirement home, which is located in a lively urban area between the health center, parish, museum, kindergarten, and school, but where there is a chronic lack of green space and safe traffic areas for walks, socializing and resting.

Due to the happening on the street, already more people than usual walked along the street during the work actions. The responses have been very good: residents support the new arrangement of Arkova street and agree that it is now safer and more pleasant. In the future, they want to continue with the new arrangements until the whole street becomes a real promenade.

The closing of Arkova street was carried out within the project LIFE17 IPC/SI/000007 – LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE, which is partly financed by the European Union from the LIFE program, the Climate Change Fund (Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning), and the Ministry of Infrastructure.


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Oblikovanje: Anja Petek

Foto: Mitja Kuret