City Street

How much of public space is taken up by parking spaces?

Slomškova Street is the main cultural axis in the Tabor quarter. Along the street and in its proximity there are numerous cultural institutions: from the Slovene Ethnographic museum, Ministry of Culture and Metelkova City to the Old city power station, KinoDvor and Kinoteka cinemas and many others. However, in spite of those institutions and prime location, this part of the city does not speak for its cultural content. Perhaps the reasons for this lies in the lack of public space along the street, since the pavements are narrow and parking is allowed on both sides of the street. There are also no shops on the ground floors of the buildings.

During the Young Lions festival, we extended the public space of the Slomškova Street on to the parking spaces. Ten parking spaces were transformed into a space of leisure, recreation, play and interesting cultural and educational events.

Slomškova Street in Ljubljana

Co-workers: Suzana Kajba (producer), Boštjan Kavčič (author of the Garden park instalation), Cultural and ecological society Smetumet (childrens workshop), Yoga in daily life association (yoga classes), Chess association Železničar (chess tournaments), the petanque team Medvedi from BŠD Fužine (petanque tournaments), Blaž Lokar (presentation of the Slomšek Street arrangement concept), Elektro Ljubljana (Presentation of green energy)

Sponsors: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture, KPL d. d., Public company Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice d.o.o., Snaga Public company d.d., Hairdresser Jernej Munh, Pekarna Dobrot bakery, Juicebox bar, members of Union of Slovenian Organic Farmers Associations BIODAR