Chestnut Ways

A series of workshops and a playground renovation with Chestnut’s kindergarten children

The aim of this workshop was the inclusion of children and educators into the renovation process of the kindergarten’s playground. We organized five meetings where children got to know different materials and the methods of handling public surfaces.

A story about Doggy and Kitty who run away from home for a day and explore different public places led us through the workshop. We got to know different methods of designing public spaces and looked for different materials in the vicinity of the kindergarten. We outlined two intertwining paths on the courtyard by using ropes of different lengths, that we later paved with twelve different materials at a working picnic together with parents, educators and construction companies. The children are now able to experiment and learn which surfaces are hot, cold, which ones are slippery, water absorbent, which ones are good for running or need to be walked on very slowly…

Through this project we wanted to teach children about properties of different materials, encourage their observation skills and increase their awareness of public space.


Vrtec mladi rod, Kostanjčkov vrtec, Ljubljana

Coworkers: writer Mira Zelinka, educator Majda Stergar, Meta Turk

Comissioner: Mladi rod Kindergarten - Chestnut kindergarten unit

Supporters: Ostrovrhar terraces, Ilanotech, Strgar perennials, Kpl, Imont, Wienerberger, Pgm Hotič, Mineral