The cheapest city bench, Vipava

We designed and assembled 10 new benches for the Main Square in Vipava

The Main square was the central venue for the European Mobility Week in Vipava. As the municipality is planning a permanent reorganization and closure of the square for traffic in the future, it wanted to check how the residents will react to the temporary arrangement. For 10 days, it repurposed 10 parking spaces on the Main Square and invited us to install urban equipment in the space, which will encourage the use of the square for rest and walks. We designed a simple and low-cost bench made of concrete channels and spruce wood, which can also be turned into a table and can be assembled into various seating arrangements. Together with the pupils of the Vipava Primary School, we assembled ten new benches in one day. Despite the fact that there is a park with stone seats near the square, passers-by already expressed their wish during the assembly that the benches would remain on the square even after the weekend of mobility. The municipality listened to their wishes and kept the benches on the Main Square.


You can make your own cheapest city bench without or with a backrest!


Client: Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina and Municipality of Vipava as part of European Mobility Week

Collaboration: Žan Zupanc; 5th and 8th grade pupils of Vipava Primary School