Barok Chair

Can urban furniture create a relaxed city space?

The Barok chair is a piece of furniture that can be placed in different locations to create a relaxed city space. It is an element that changes a street into a square, a patch of grass into a park or a slope next to river into an embankment.

The chair’s design models the most common bench in Ljubljana, the Barok bench. Its small-size parts allow rearrangement and make for a very flexible design. The chairs can stand in pairs, groups, lines or circles; they can stand in the sun as well as in the shade, under a roof or in the middle of an open space. The versatile design allows for various forms of application and structuring of the space intervened.

The Barok project addressed the following questions:

  • Can public space offer enough interesting spaces for hanging out, chatting, reading, observing etc.?
  • Can it adapt to various uses regarding the social and age groups?
  • What kind of temporary street furniture does Ljubljana offer?
  • Does the existent urban furniture suffice the needs of the city’s residents and its visitors?
  • What design should modern street furniture attain in order to meet the basic needs of its users and offer new and unexpected forms of use at the same time?

In 2010, Ljubljana became the World Book Capital, where different events throughout the year took place. A number of local and foreign visitors attended. Events took place in the venues around the city: public halls, libraries, classrooms, bookshops, coffeehouses and, most importantly, in the open public space. It is this very space that can convey that there is something exceptional and unique going on in the city to a broader audience. Urban furniture contributes to this message.


Stritarjeva Street, Ljubljana

Commissioner: City of Ljubljana, Department of Culture

April 2010-2011